People are at the heart of our work as Wisedāna Foundation. From passionate team members to visionary leaders, each person contributes their unique background and skills to our shared goals. Discover the members of the board, the executive team and the partners who work behind the scenes to bring our shared mission to life.


Filippo Scianna

Chairman of the Board

A lawyer by training, he is the current President of the Italian Buddhist Union and former Director of the largest Buddhist institute in Italy. The experience he has gained from holding relevant institutional roles and his genuine interest in issues such as interconnection, compassion and mindfulness are key resources for Wisedāna Foundation.

Jetsun Pema

Board member

She has dedicated her life to humanitarian causes, particularly to the education and welfare of Tibetan refugee children by creating the Tibetan Children’s Villages. She has played a crucial role in preserving Tibetan culture and advocating for the rights of the Tibetan people at large. She also shares a personal connection to Tibetan Buddhism’s spiritual leadership, being the younger sister of the 14th Dalai Lama.

Marcos Fernández Fermoselle

Board member

Of Cuban origins, he is as of today one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Spain. The experience gained throughout his career and his talent in realizing successful ideas provide the Foundation with managerial and strategic soundness. In addition to his professional skills, there is a sincere willingness to share the values of Buddhism and their beneficial effects with the world.


M. Enrica Lobina

General Director

Chiara Blasi

Major Donor ADVISOR

Marta Turchetta

Communication & Fundraising Officer

Francesco Banfi

Project & Fundraising Officer